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Heartland B-cycle Usage Visualizations

by Unknown | Aug 21, 2014

We have been working with our friend Kurt Elder (@KurtJamesElder) from the City of Lincoln Urban Development Department on analyzing anonmyous GPS data of B-cycle trips recently made available to us. Kurt has generated several images that are both interesting and instructive.

Regional View of All Unique GPS PointsOmahaB-cycleGPSregionalview

The above map shows all of the places that B-cycles have been in the metro area. As you can see there is a broad range of locations and even a Taco Ride or two in there.

Regional 3-D UsageOmahaB-cycleGPS3Dregionalview

On the above map the darker and taller the line, the more frequently a B-cycle has travelled along that segment. You begin to see clusters of activity along the Keystone and around the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. While the heaviest activities are in those areas, there is also activity throughout both Downtown and Aksarben Village as well as trips in between the two. 

Aksarben Village 3-D UsageOmahaB-cycleGPSAksarben

This map looks north from the south side of Askarben Village. You can see that while B-cycles have been almost everywhere in the area, most people tend to go south on the Keystone. 

Downtown 3-D UsageOmahaB-cycleGPSdowntwon

This map is looking northwest into Downtown. As you can see most B-cycle trips tend to go along the Riverfront or across the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge and east into Council Bluffs. But there is also a lot of place to place trips taken as well.

Heartland BCycle
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