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  • Roll into 2020 with Heartland B-cycle

    by Jes Slavin | Jan 02,2020
    Since the launch of Omaha's bike share in 2011, users have taken over 111,300 trips. As we roll into a new decade, we have been reflecting on how the system has grown. 2019 was a pretty amazing year for Heartland B-cycle. Due to our late 2018 expansion and the implementation of electric pedal-assist bikes, ridership increased by 118% compared to 2018. Heartland B-cycle users took over 35,100 trips over the course of the year. When our system launched in June 2011, Omaha's bike share system had 5 stations in Aksarben Village and 35 bikes. In 2020, Heartland B-cycle now has 72 stations in two states with both classic and electric pedal-assist bikes in operation. Over the years, we have expanded to truly serve the Omaha Metro and see ourselves as a vital part of the Metro's public transportation network. We've grown and our prices had to adjust to this growth, which is why on January 1st our prices increased slightly to help cover our operational costs.

    But, this month only, you can get a Heartland B-cycle Annual pass for 50% off. That's a year of unlimited 1-hour trips for $50. Just use the promo code NEWYEAR20 to get the discount when signing up on the BCycle App or our website. This deal is only good until January 31, 2020- so make sure to tell all your friends. Bike Share is better with friends!

    Heartland B-cycle January 2020 Deal

    We are planning some big things for Heartland B-cycle in 2020. Make sure you are following along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get all the latest news. We also love when our users share about their experiences with bike share with the hashtag #heartlandbcycle - we can't wait to see where Heartland B-cycle takes you in 2020!
  • Art Bikes Created By Teens in Kent Bellows Mentoring Program On Display

    by Jes Slavin | Dec 19,2019
    Earlier this year, Heartland B-cycle partnered with Kent Bellows Mentoring Program on a very special project. Teens in the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program (KBMP) got the chance to design and then bring to life a Heartland B-cycle bike. The young artists dreamed up their bikes earlier this Fall and have been diligently working on bringing their creations to life.

    KBMPBikesThe art bikes were created by Mya Egan, Violeta Jacinto, Abi Laluk, Ellie Maguire, Sophie Manzitto, Allison Peyton, Gabrielle Washington, & Anthony Zaner. This past Friday, six of the ten bikes were showcased in "Below Zero | A Young Artist Exhibition". The exhibition featured work from all of the teen artists in the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program. The art bikes are prominently on display right near the entrance of the Kent Bellows Studio Gallery. Two of the bikes will be vinyl wrapped with wishbones, the symbol of the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program. The wraps were created by Spoken Art LLC Bicycle Wraps who are experts in bike wrapping. They have done custom bike wraps for bike share programs around the country and were created to perfectly fit the frames of our classic B-cycles.

    KentBellowsWishboneBikePart transportation, part public art, the bikes will become a usable part of the Heartland B-cycle system come Spring. These bikes will be joined by bikes that will be created by the Union for Contemporary Art's Action Brigade students this Spring. Once the art bikes are all assembled, they will be launched into our system for the entire Omaha Metro to enjoy. The Heartland B-cycle team is also working to showcase the bikes at community events throughout the city this summer.

    More information about the art bikes will be provided as it comes available. Until then, you can check out the bikes created by the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program students for a limited time, the bikes will be on display at Kent Bellows Studio Gallery until January 12th. KBS Gallery (3303 Leavenworth) Hours: Monday - Friday, 11 am-4 pm by appointment. Call 402.661.3852 to schedule a viewing.

  • Small Business Saturday Deal: Grab an Annual Heartland Pass for $40 before our prices increase in 2020!

    by Jes Slavin | Nov 30,2019

    This weekend, November 30th-December 2nd, Heartland B-cycle will be holding a 50% off an Annual Membership deal in conjunction with Small Business Saturday. Between November 30th-December 2nd use the code RIDELOCAL19 on the BCycle App or our website to get an Annual Heartland Pass for just $40. If you have a current Heartland B-cycle pass and purchase a pass during the deal, your new pass will start once your current pass expires. If you're reading this blog post on mobile, you can just click right here to download/open the BCycle App with the promo code already filled in. 

    We hope you take advantage of this amazing deal because, if you haven't heard, we are increasing prices starting January 1, 2020. The last time we increased prices was six years prior in 2013. At the time of the last increase in 2013, the Heartland B-cycle system consisted of 9 station locations and riders took a mere 1,972 trips for the year. Today, we have 72 station locations in both Omaha and Council Bluffs and Heartland B-cycle riders took 2,710 just in the month of October. Heartland B-cycle also debuted their electric pedal-assist bikes this past Spring which have been extremely popular with riders. The Heartland B-cycle system has seen over 33,400 trips in 2019, smashing their previous best year on record in 2017 where users took 19,271 trips. This increase in use carries large operational costs, which prompted the pricing change for 2020.

    As of January 1, 2020 all Heartland B-cycle pass types will increase in price. FUN! Passes, which include 24-hours of access to the system, will increase to $8 from the current price of $6. Monthly Memberships will increase to $13 per month, they are currently $10. Annual Memberships will increase to $100 per year, they are currently $80. All passes will continue to include unlimited 1-hr trips, but each additional hour beyond a rider’s initial 60 minutes will now cost $5 instead of $4. If you have a current Heartland B-cycle pass, you should log into your account to double check if you have auto-renew turned off and check your pass expiration date. Then you should grab a $40 annual pass this weekend with the promo code RIDELOCAL19 on the BCycle App or our website. Don't delay- this deal is only until December 2, 2019 and then it's gone!

    Heartland B-cycle Small Business Saturday Deal 2019

  • Service Update: 14th & Douglas Station Down from 10/14 to 11/02

    by Jes Slavin | Oct 11,2019
    Due to construction around our 14th & Douglas station, the station will be unavailable between October 14th and November 2nd. During this time, the station pin will not show up on the map and all bikes will be removed from the station. During the this down period, we suggest riders use our stations at 13th & Dodge and 15th & Farnam as they are the next closest stations.


    For the most up to date station information, download the BCycle App. The BCycle App is the best way to get live station information including number of bikes available at each location. 

    If the station becomes available sooner than November 2nd, we will make sure to send an update and will be posting on our social media channels. When the station is up and running, the station pin will return to our map and show available bikes as normal. Thank you for your understanding during this service interruption. 
  • It's Electric! - E-Bike Updates & How to Get Riding!

    by Jes Slavin | Jun 04,2019
    Our electric pedal-assist bikes have been out in the Heartland B-cycle system for a month and it's been pretty amazing! We've had people contacting us from day one to tell us how much they loved riding the e-bikes but the numbers from the past month really do speak for themselves. Our trips have been up by 45% since the launch of the bikes and May was the best month yet in Heartland B-cycle's almost 8 year history with 3,953 trips! 48% of the trips taken in May were taken by our e-bikes!

    Now that the bikes have been out in our system for a month, here's a little primer for those of you who haven't yet tried out our e-bikes yet (or you've tried them at an event but haven't yet taken the leap to check one out on your own)!

    Why ride an e-bike?

    If you've had a chance to ride one of our e-bikes you know how much fun they are. That little extra boost of support from the motor makes hills a breeze and brings a smile to your face. The built in motor matches your power for the smooth & easy ride. Yes, you still need to pedal but exercise is good for you! Plus, pedaling is part of the fun!

    Besides the fun factor, they're the perfect bikes for commuting! They make long trips a breeze and you'll be saying "hills? what hills?" in no time when riding one of our e-bikes. If you haven't started bike commuting because you're worried about showing up at your destination to sweaty, these bikes cut down the sweat factor! We can't promise that you'll arrive sweat free on a 100 degree day but e-bikes do cut down the effort and therefore the sweat.

    When you take an e-bike for a ride instead of hopping in your car, you are helping reduce your carbon footprint and getting in some exercise at the same time! Studies have shown that just a little moderate exercise every day can do wonders for your health, getting it done on your commute into work makes it easy to fit into your busy schedule. 

    Plus, have we mentioned that they're fun? Seriously, our e-bikes are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! 

    How do I find an e-bike?

    Okay, so you're convinced to try these e-bike things out but now you need to know how to find them! There are a few ways you can locate our e-bikes in the Heartland B-cycle system- the main page of our website and the BCycle App

    The front page of our website has a live station map, the little lightning bolts on a station signal that there are e-bikes at that station. Click on the station to see how many e-bikes and classic bikes there are at the station. The pop up will also let you know how many docks are available at the station so you can plan your trip before you head out and ensure there will be an open dock for you when you arrive at your destination.

    You can also find a live station map on the BCycle App which is available for iOS and Android phones. Similar to the website map, the lightning bolt icons signal that there are e-bikes available at a station. Tap the station to see how many bikes are available. If you are logged into the app with your Heartland B-cycle Membership, you can check out a bike right on the app! Just put in the dock number of the bike you want and it will release.

    How do I ride an e-bike?

    Just like a regular bike of course! You just need to make sure you turn the power on by pressing the power button above the small screen located on the left handlebar. When you turn the screen on you can see how much battery life is left and it will tell you your speed while you're riding. Our bikes only assist you up to 17 miles per hour, so if you can manage to get one going that fast you're on your own after that! 

    Each bike has three gears, the shifter is located on the right handlebar. The left handlebar has a bell that you can use to signal to people as you pass by or say hi to a friend! All bikes have front and rear lights that are powered by the movement of your wheels and always on as long as your wheels are moving. Once you start pedaling the motor will kick on to give you the perfect amount of boost. Make sure to adjust the seat height before you right for the most comfortable riding experience. 

    Now you know why you should ride, how to find an e-bike, and how to get riding- we hope to see you out there enjoying our electric pedal-assist bikes! We'd love to see how much fun you're having, post on social with #heartlandbcycle and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter for system updates!

    Heartland Electric Update Month 1
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