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February 8th is Winter Bike to Work Day!

by Jes Slavin | Jan 30, 2019
Are you a fair weather bike commuter? Thought about bike commuting but haven't tried it yet? International Winter Bike to Work day is Friday, February 8th this year and Heartland B-cycle wants to help you take part! On Winter Bike to Work Day you can get a FREE FUN! Pass (24 hours of unlimited 1-hour trips) at any Heartland B-cycle kiosk with promo code 92453. 

To prepare yourself, plan your route ahead of time! You can find all of our stations right here on our website or on the BCycle App. If you download the BCycle App it can help you find stations and help you navigate where you want to go. You can also used MAPAs Metro Area Bike Map which you can find at Their map not only helps you find bike-friendly routes but shows all of the Heartland B-cycle stations as well!

Worried about staying warm? It's all about layers. Make sure to wear multiple layers to help trap heat and cover any exposed skin. We also recommend eye protection and remembering to wear your helmet! For more tips, you can check out People For Bike's Winter Bike Commuting Basics.

Winter Bike to Work Day can be a fun challenge and potentially kick start a new habit that's great your health and the environment! We hope to see you out there riding!


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E-bikes are here to make your Heartland B-cycle experience even better! You'll fly up hills and end your ride with a smile on your face, we promise!

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