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 Heartland B-cycle In The News

Check out all the great coverage Heartland B-cycle is getting with our "In The News" page! We like keep everyone updated on our News page, but here you will find what other people are saying about us!

This page is updated periodically with news articles and videos that feature Heartland B-cycle. It's a great resource to see the great things being said about bike sharing in the Omaha Metro. 

Our Heartland B-cycle Youtube Channel includes videos we've made about the program along with two playlists of videos that include Heartland B-cycle created by news channels, local organizations, & bike share supporters. You can check out more current videos on our Heartland B-cycle News Playlist and see older videos about the system that now have some out to date information on our Old Heartland B-cycle Press Playlist.

Check out a current Heartland B-cycle spotlight video below- we will update this page periodically with new videos that we're featured in!

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