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Help Heartland Bike Share provide exceptional bike sharing to the Omaha Metro. Heartland Bike Share is a 501c3 non-profit organization that operates Heartland B-cycle, the metro's bike share system. Heartland B-cycle aims to provide sustainable transportation and recreation to the region's many residents and visitors. The system, due to a massive expansion in November 2018, now has 72 stations in the Omaha Metro and Council Bluff. Our fleet has 391 bikes which includes our 90 brand-new electric pedal-assist bikes. The combination of our expansion and new electric pedal-assist bikes has created more demand than ever! These bikes make Heartland B-cycle perfect for commuting- which our current riders have already realized! In 2019, our commuter trips increased from 18% of Heartland B-cycle trips taken to 50% of trips taken. In 2019, we smashed our best year of ridership ever and our year over year trips increased by 118%.

We are currently fundraising to help with operational support. Due to COVID-19, Heartland B-cycle expects a revenue gap due to a decrease in tourism and casual ridership. Omaha Gives! is more important than ever to help us provide active transportation & recreation to those who need it most. Heartland Bike Share is dedicated to helping healthcare workers with transportation and healthy activity. During the month of April, Heartland Bike Share gave over 350 free Heartland B-cycle annual memberships to health care workers across the Greater Omaha Area. Help keep the Omaha Metro rolling by supporting Heartland Bike Share today!

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