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Heartland B-cycle is priced for quick rides. After joining, you can take an unlimited number of rides during your membership period, and there is no additional charge—ever!—for the first hour of any ride.

Additional fees apply for rides exceeding one hour (see charts). 

Think of the user fees as similar to keeping a DVD for an extra day. There's a fee, right? Same with bike-sharing: Keep the bike longer than an hour if you wish, but there's a nominal charge.

 FUN! Pass

Available at stations or online

FUN! Pass (valid for 24 hours)

+ Additional per Ride Fees

1st Hour (of each trip)
Each Additional Hour $4
Max per Day $40


 Heartland Pass

Sign up online 

Pass Type  Adult Student / Senior*
Monthly Rate  $10  
Annual Rate
 $80 $57

+ Additional Usage Fees (Heartland Pass)

1st hour (of each trip)
Each additional hour   $4
Max per day   $40
  • You MUST purchase an access pass to check out bikes.
  • 24-hour Passes can be purchased at any B-station, or online.
  • *Seniors must contact Heartland B-cycle at (402) 957-2453 or




Heartland Pass holders get a special B-card that lets them check out bikes right from the bike's dock. So not only does the B-card save them money over the other plans, it gets them around faster.

Join BCycle

BCycle Replacement Fees

BCycle Card Replacement  $5
BCycle Bike Replacement  $1300
BCycle Key Replacement  $10
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